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Breath of the Wild Fanart

I fell in love with this duo when I got ahold of my first Zelda game, Twilight Princess. Turns out I started with one of the more outlining stories of this series, but I fell in love with the whimsy of this timeline and got hooked. Every chance I get, I've been trying to play catch up and get my hand on the games I missed while growing up.

Breath of the Wild was the first game of this series I got to play the same year it got released. And it has been such an inspiration for me. Not only do I love the aesthetics of this game, but the tiny details they added to all the NPCs and sidequests to make the world feel more than just a game was unreal. It's made me want to up my game as a storyteller.

For this piece though, I wanted to share a moment of rest between the first and second games. It was too tempting not to add a Guardian in the background. In a way, it symbolizes the darkness still looming on the horizon for them that will start the sequel game. (I'm hoping the guardians will come back in the sequel, but we'll have to wait to see.)